After working in the construction industry for more than 25 years Mark Wilson believed there was an even better way to build.  In 1997 he founded Mark Wilson Construction from scratch.  In the early years, he and his wife Marty constructed small, private projects.  They gradually grew the company in size and reputation to include churches, schools, office buildings, medical offices, and industrial buildings.  They also, moved from performing only Design-Bid-Build projects to include, Negotiated, CM Multi-Prime Design-Build, and Lease-Lease Back delivery methods.  With over 20+ years of experience Mark Wilson Construction has become a “Builder of Choice” in the San Joaquin Valley.   


As Mark prepares to retire in the next few years, he has turned the reigns over to Doug Reitz and Vince Balbas.  Doug and Vince look forward to carrying on the great traditions that Mark has developed in the San Joaquin Valley.   The trek that Mark and Marty started in 1997 has proven that taking the time to listen and collaborate with designers, subcontractors and clients on every project is a better way to build.